Jane Eyre vs Pride & Prejudice

Lately I took up reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. A lot of people had read it during English Literature in A Level but having studied English Combined, had not the opportunity of studying it. I heard many a time that it was a boring book that sent most people to sleep. So you can imagine the dread on my face when I look on my reading list for University and find it to be one of the books. Going in with an open mind I figured it was better to get stuck into it now and let myself know what I was in for. Surprisingly I disagree with everyone elses opinion of the book and I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I found the character of Jane Eyre to resemble the modern woman of today which interests me because back in her time her thoughts and ideas were probably not to be heard of and was quite a feminist way of thinking, nowadays it seems the norm which is probably why it is easier to imagine and get a grasp on, than if I were to read it in 1847 when it was published. I found some resemblance of the character Eliza Bennet written by Jane Austen. Both have high intellegence and ideas, both speak their own mind and have a wit about them that makes them likable and appealing to the minds of women reading the book. I surprised myself for liking Jane Eyre a little more than Pride and Prejudice despite P&P being my favourite book before reading JE. It is a combination of things that interest me more about JE than P&P, it wasn’t the language although that does strike me a little. It was the fact that Jane Eyre was written in first person pronoun which I prefer, where as P&P was written in third person. P&P does have a tendency to drive towards the feelings and thoughts of Eliza Bennet but it cannot touch them as thoroughly as a first persons narrative of it. Something that I found that grabbed my attention about this book as well that P&P doesn’t have is that it feels like Jane Eyre is actually talking to the reader (calling the reader, reader, to show that she is addressing who is reading the book) it helps the audience to feel more involved and therefore draws them in as if they were sat talking in person. This idea is one that I haven’t seen in many of the books I have read and find it refreshing and amusing. Earlier on I mentioned that language struck me well it was the change in language which caught my attention. Jane Austen’s writing was a lot more formal in comparison to Charlotte Bronte’s. If I was to describe CB’s language I would say it was a combination between the writing from Jane Austen’s time (1800’s) and nowadays writing such as Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (althought the storylines are very different and the ideas and subjects within them, the first person narratives do have similar traits in personality) (2010). This shows me how language has progressed over the years and I am in the midst of reading some more of the ‘reading list’ given. I’m starting University in a week and cannot wait to get stuck into some great texts.

Review: Silence By Becca Fitzpatrick (2011)

One word. Three syllables. A-MAZ-ING! This book far beats the reputation of the last with more scheming and menacing plot lines that had me hooked from start to finish! The way that Fitzpatrick can grasp the readers attention making them feel the frustration of Noras amnesia, the great use of dramatic irony to keep the readers hungry to find out, yearning for Nora to remember the truth is phenominal. The constant catch of what had happened at the end of the last book only being released at the end of this novel kept the intensity of the plot going, the readers are constantly asking questions and needing the satisfaction of answers, feeling like they know the characters. Remembering bits from the last book such as Patch’s real name ‘Jev’, little hints of remembrance so they felt they were in the Characters shoes, living it as if they were them. Everything about this novel had me screaming with happiness and holding my breath in suspense.

No matter what people may say about these type of books being only for the teenage population, I am indifferent, it’s rubbish! This book can be targeted at anyone from the age of around 14 to the age of 45. Just because the characters age is that of a teenagers does not mean its only for them. The sophistication and mixture of genres (crime, romance, thriller) means that it can capture more than just one category of peoples attention and still have the same impact on everyone.

“In the past Nora and Patch have been through everything to stay together, to show their love conquers all but when Nora is kidnapped and found with no recollection of the last five months, she is left with the slightest hints as a lead. Her determination to remember is extremely risky and she isn’t the type of girl to give up without a fight. Though she has been warned not to try and remember her past, her yearning for stability and clarification out ways all costs. Desperate to understand what had happened she digs deep into all her resources to uncover what she felt had been taken from her purposefully. Will she find the truth and if she does, will she be able to handle it?”

In my total honesty I did not put this book down, it was that good that the only breaks I had was to get a drink, the rest of the time my eyes barely peeled from the book, controlled by the fast pace and new information given each time I turned the page. I felt like I was in the book, more so than any other book I have ever read. I would go as far to say that it is the best of the ones she has done so far! It took me 9 hours to read and I was very disappointed to find that the last of the Hush Hush Saga does not come out until Autumn next year! I would and have done to many of my friends and would like to share with you the recommendation of this book. If you feel like escaping from your reality and living someone else’s for a while, these books are for you! Every different turn in the story has you holding your breath, shocked, gasping, feeling admiration, courage, anger, resentment, love, affection, bravery, happiness. You name it, this book has it! By far one of the best books I have ever read. Without a doubt in my mind easily 10 out of 10.

Review: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick. (2010)

Considering whether to read the sequel to Hush Hush? Well think no further, this isn’t just a sequel, it’s a phenomenal sequel. It is even more enticing than the first. It’s fresh story line and fast pace will keep any reader interested no matter whether they have read the first one or not. It’s plot twists will have the reader gasping and horrified as much as having them jumping for joy.

“When Nora starts to questioning her fathers death, she also begins to question her relationship with Patch. Wanting to know the truth may just be the last straw for Nora and as she digs deep to find the truth about what happens, she reveals secrets most horrifying. Secrets that she may wish she had never known of. Feeling hurt and alone she seeks help from the only person she thinks may know the answers but like last time, playing with fire can be a dangerous and tricky game to play. Will this be leading her to a dreadful fate or can she bring justice to a horrendous tragedy?”

This sequel is not to be overlooked, it does not carry the popular opinion of not living up to the first books standard but much rather has exceeded it with more surprising elements and shocking revealings that will keep the reader intrigued. It is written to keep teenagers occupied and its contemporary style will have the readers empathizing with Nora in seconds. The fact that it has been written in the style of a teenager in the modern day makes it more appealing to that particular age group and far more likely to be enjoyed and understood by them.

In my opinion this book has everything that a book should have, it kept me entertain through out the whole time I read it, it was definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to get away for a while. 9 out of 10.

Review: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (2009)

If you feel like escaping the boring world in which you are living in and join one that is full of twists and turns to keep your creative mind reeling for hours then this book is definitely for you. The complications and obstacles that Nora has to face will keep you entertained for hours with the slight break in between to catch a cuppa before continue reading. It will have you reading chapter after chapter none stop until the end. Only the strongest of readers will be able to pull themselves away from it.

“Nora grey was just an ordinary girl until she meets Patch. His mysteriousness and dark seductive side causes Nora to become dangerously drawn to him. Unknown to her, she is about to walk into a battle that she may not be able to fight that has been going on for centuries. She is stuck between saving her own life or losing something that she knows is real.”

This book is definitely a read for any person who loves the likes of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, it has the crazy teenage love with the supernatural addiction that has taken hold of the public’s attention. The way that Becca has written it, particularly since it is in first person,  draws the reader in and keeps them reading, and begging to know more.

There isn’t another book that I know that has gripped me so much and kept me reading until an insane three am. It was enthralling and luring, it kept me guessing at every chance and made me feel like I was part of the book. I felt like I was in the characters shoes, feeling her emotion, empathizing with all her complications and issues that happened. It had me crying at points and smiling at others. 9 out of 10